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Advance booking recommended

Terms & Conditions for Private & Corporate Party Bookings January 2005. 
A Provisional Booking will be held for 7 days after which the booking will be deemed cancelled. Confirmation must be received within this period with appropriate deposit, which is not less than the Marine Transport Charter element of the booking at 25% of the final price.

Balance of Payment
The balance of the booking must be made paid 10 days before the event.

Bar Options
1. Full Payment A budget can be agreed as part of the cost of the event in the price and can be monitored by our Front of House team. The hirer will be discreetly notified when the budget limit is approaching. The option can then be extended or revert to option 2 or 3.

2. Part payment
A similar arrangement to option 1 except that once the budget is reached the bar will revert to a cash bar.

3. Cash Bar
All bar transactions will be made in cash by the participants and the food only will be paid for by the organiser.
An indication of preferences prior to the event would ensure that our limited stocks are sufficient for the event.

If the charter is cancelled by the organiser within 7 days of the event, the deposit is forfeited. Cancellation within 48 hours of the event subjects the total cost to be forfeited. Away2dine Ltd. will endeavour to operate as arranged but no warranty is implied or given. If it is unsafe to cruise or the trip is curtailed for any reason stated by the Boat Master, Away2dine Ltd reserves the right to remain stationary. If a charter is cancelled by Away2dine Ltd all monies will be refunded and there will no further claims against Away2dine Ltd.

If the time of departure is delayed by the late arrival of any of the group, it may be necessary to reduce the cruise time to keep to a schedule or extend the cruise applying the hourly rate.

The group or their nominee must be on board throughout the cruise and will held fully responsible for the behaviour of the party. The organisers will be held responsible for any damage whatsoever caused by members of the group to the boat, its fittings or a third party.

Health & Safety
In order to comply with Health & Safety Regulations, Alcohol Licensing Regulations and Marine & Coastguard Agency Rules all instructions given by the Crew, Front of House Staff and the Boat Master or his nominated crew member must be followed at all times.

In such cases of failure to do so the Boat Master may terminate the trip in the interest of safety of the passengers as a whole. In such cases Away2dine Ltd will not responsible for any distress caused by this action. The instructions given by the Boat Master throughout the time that the members of the party are aboard is final.

Away2dine Ltd will exercise due diligence and take all reasonable precautions and safety measures but cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to any persons or property during any part of the cruise unless it is the direct result of negligence by Away2dine Ltd.

Owing to the nature of the restaurant seating arrangements are governed by the Marine & Coastguard Agency. It is not normally possible to exceed 3 x tables of 4 including comprising the tables by Emergency Exits. These cannot be added to or moved.


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